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If you are looking to build a new home, look no further!

Modern Home Concepts offers a free consultation to all prospective homebuyers. During the consultation we discuss your vision, the scope of work that needs to be performed and an estimated budget. We take that time to listen and understand your needs and expectations. Our goal is to help you arrive at a design concept that is satisfactory to you while staying within your budget.

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Conserving and Preserving With Energy Efficient Homes

Our homes save you money by being as energy efficient as possible. Standard homes lose a large percentage of their energy through energy leaks in ceilings, doors, windows and vents. Even small areas such as recessed cans can be a large drain on your energy bill. With third party blower door testing, Modern Home Concepts ensures that these joints and seams are as tightly sealed as we can make them, which lowers your monthly costs.
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Every MHC custom built home is certified "5 Star" or "5 Star Plus"